What is Paid The Cost (PTC)?

Paid The Cost is a platform for people to share their knowledge in business, hobbies, and everyday life.
Telling people’s stories, hopefully inspiring others to chase their own dreams through conversation, insight and experience.

It also humanizes and forms a bridge to come together in peace, love, respect, and understanding of, and for, each-other as humans first!

What I want PTC to do?

• Connect the right businesses and people
• Form a deep rooted community through conversation, love, understanding, and respect.
• Sponsoring and promoting events or products.
• Collaboration with individuals or businesses

Who should be listening?

• Anyone and Everyone! Anyone can listen to PTC.
• Focusing on entrepreneurs, forward thinkers, blue collar workers, ambitious dreamers, & those not afraid to dig deep within for explanation.


• Strive to find answers we’ve all been looking for through conversation.
• Inspire and motivate to unlock our dreams.
• Discover what’s holding us back from achieving our goals.