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Interviewing interesting & influential people from the California's Central Coast on how they’ve Paid The Cost to achieve their dreams.

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Great Podca$t for inspiring stories and community inspiration
Bberryessa, listener since 2021

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Paid The Cost | Season 4 Episode 28 | Jay T Full Price Media

Jay - T is the founder of Full Price Media but his talents extend far past the camera and editing room. Tune in for a motivational story told by an inspirational human.

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Paid The Cost | Season 4 Episode 27 | Slimmy On The Beat

Slimmy is a music producer who hails from San Jose California. In this episode we talk about his his friend Cutty Banks, how he got into the music industry and more.

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Paid The Cost | Season 4 Episode 26 | Nolan Hatton

Nolan Hatton is one of the central coast’s premier tattoo artists. Already heavy in the Santa Cruz art scene, Nolan’s art has been featured in some of the biggest clothing brands in the area, including the popular brand Never Scared. Starting his tattoo career at Freedom Tattoo, Nolan has recently expanded his portfolio by opening his own shop titled Nolan’s Social Club.

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From our listeners:

Top Notch - Professional and polished. Nice conversational voice that draws you in; regardless of topic. Listen in once and you’ll be hooked.
— Wynnieskyegirl, listener since 2021
This was actually my first podcast I listen to. Which just made me search out more local podcast. My favorite episode is the Jimbo Phillips episode. Local legend interviewing another Local Legend it was awesome a lot of history. Look forward to next episode.
mas11978, listener since 2021
Nativo is an excellent Podcast host, he makes you feel comfortable and at ease, I thoroughly enjoyed my interview and listening to all his other fantastic line up of entertaining guests ... Great Show, Well Done!!
Pearlberg, listener since 2020
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• Form a deep rooted community through conversation, love, understanding, and respect.
• Sponsoring and promoting events or products.
• Collaboration with individuals or businesses

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