Paid the Cost | Season 4 Episode 6 | Jacob Alexander Seedman (aka Jacob Shalom)

November 22, 2022

Jacob Alexander Seedman (aka Jacob Shalom) came up with the vision of Shalom Clothing in 1999 (5760 on the Lunar calendar) during active duty on a US Navy Ship. His story began 42 years ago. Mr. Seedman was born and raised in Salinas, CA. His love for art arose early at the age of five, when he began constantly studying and drawing things around the house– before even learning to read or write. At the age of eight he fell in love with skateboarding, and the stylized art of skateboard graphics by Santa Cruz local Jim Phillips. In 1988, an inspiring family visit to New York sparked the nine-year-old Jacob’s curiosity for graffiti- the underground subculture that spawned into what’s known today as street art. Check out his website at

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