The Santa Cruz Car Club featuring President Raul Guzman and Vice President Adrian Salgado

September 21, 2021

This podcast is special to me. It’s a blending of culture and my home town Santa Cruz Californian. I sat down with Raul Guzman and Adrian Salgado the President and Vice President of the Santa Cruz car club.  These men are making a name for Santa Cruz in the lowriding scene. The Santa Cruz car club was established in 2019 and is blowing up on the central coast and surrounding areas. These two men started with lowrider bikes at a young age and expanded it to lowrider cars as they got older. This was a great conversation on how it was growing up on the westside of Santa Cruz, starting their bike cruises and how they started the Santa Cruz car club. If you love lowriding you’ll love this episode.

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