Andrew Carroll

June 22, 2022

Growing up in Santa Cruz I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. People who tried to manipulate the town to their own advantages and those who truly care about the community and become part of it. Andrew Carroll is one of those people who fell in love with the central coast and decided to be part of it and give back. Growing up in San Jose Andrew was no stranger to Santa Cruz, it’s beautiful mountains or it’s stunning beaches. A few years ago him and his wife, Amber, decided it was time to make the move and call it home. A year ago Andrew and Amber decided to take a bigger leap and start a brand that represented all the best things about Santa Cruz. Rugged Coast was born and has thrived in its first year. From organized beach clean ups to connecting with the towns biggest artists, including one of our favs Tay Lion, this brand has made a lot of noise and brought awareness back to the importance of keeping our community clean and connected. As Andrew would say if you were browsing his merch at a pop up event, “Rugged Coast is a purchase with a purpose!”

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